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Offer your own branded ETF Model Portfolios
With over 10 trillion USD now allocated to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs),
now is the time to capture a larger share of the financial advice value chain.

Perfect for Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers

If you currently don't offer your own Model Portfolios, or are looking to upgrade your current proposition, this is the solution that does the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Climate Change, Net Zero and Sustainability

Take advantage of our unique business model

There is the option to design and manage your own personalized Model Portfolios, or alternatively we can run white labelled portfolios for you.

Linear Investments - Global Trader and Full-Service Prime Broker
Investment and Wealth Management
Tavira is an independent global financial services firm based on the three pillars of Asset Management, Brokerage and Corporate Banking
IIMG is a Wealth Manager
Join other Wealth Managers in our distribution chain and enhance your client reach.
As an investment wrapper, ETFs now include paasive index trackers, active funds and risk controlled portfolios.
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White Label ETPs
Create your own
Exchange Traded Model Portfolios
ETF Trading Team

Ideal for DFMs

Convert your platform based Model Portfolios and list them as an exchange traded product.

Chief Investment Officer managing ETF portfolios

Access Multiple Exchange

List your portfolios in one or more European country and increase the size of your target audience.

ETF Portfolio Composition

Win-Win Situation

Operate your business more efficiently, while your clients can benefit from the fractional ownership of ETFs.

Benefits of Exchange Traded Model Portfolios
Algo-Chain's partnership with Leverage Shares allows us to provide DFMs and Wealth Managers an Exchange Traded Model Portfolio service*
*The acceptance by Leverage Shares of any white label partner is subject to the conduct of due diligence and is subject to all relevant regulatory requirements. The creation of all Leverage Shares white label ETPs are subject to all relevant regulatory requirements and the receipt of relevant consents and licenses.

Leverage Shares white label ETPs may not be available in your market or suitable for you.